About Us

Twenty-Twenty is a new, up-to-date driving scholl in Kochi, conveniently located at Pachalam. We offer comprehensive and systematic driving courses for motorcars and motor bikes as well to individuals and qualified drivers.  Here we assuring our effective and complete driving knowledge using latest technologies in our training classes. Here at 20-20, you will have a pleasant learning experience in safe and quality driving from our expert trainers.

Our mission is to redefine one’s learning experience in driving by imparting to all learners the right knowledge, excellent driving skills and a drive-safely at all times mindset.




Expert Trainers

Backed by experts, we developed detailed training manuals based on our traffic rules and conditions.

Perfect Syllabus

Our system ensures all learners undergo systematic training and all syllabus are covered.

Quality Training

As part of quality training, our trainers undergo timely skill evaluation programmes to keep themselves updated.

High-end Trining procedures

Tech-enabled learning capabilities to complement your training -including driver assessment, e-learning, e-Trial test.