Our Services

Our Classes and Training

20-20 Drving School offers all types of 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler lessons. Our strategy holds believe to get every lesson done for the students from fountainhead who come at our office for the same. We keep each one’s trust growing till the end of the lessons they choose for. It is a fact that all thinks about the lessons that we offer and how they go well if one chooses a lesson that is either ones; and that is our responsibility to overcome your bugbear against teachings of the lessons we provide after you enroll for any.

Four-Wheeler Training Classes

  • Professional Training on latest fully-loaded cars.
  • Flexible timings to fit your convenience
  • one-on-one training to get more attention
  • Affordable cost
  • There are different packages as per candidate’s requirement
  • Leading driving instuctors
  • Lady instructors for women students
  • Our innovative tools empower you behind the wheel & beyond

Two-Wheeler Training

  • Well experienced Trainers
  • Latest two wheeler vehicles
  • Customized class sessions
  • Theory sessions detailing each nook and corner
  • Male and female trainers for your comfort
  • A total professional ambience to make you a perfect driver
  • Our Trainers are always ready to help you to become a responsible driver

Driving Simulator

When trainees start using a simulator, they can choose the specific control they wish to practice with. The simulator manages the rest of the controls. A simulator’s dimensions are designed in such a way that all controls mimic a real car. Therefore, the trainee knows where exactly the pedals are located.
Simulation Training Systems for Car Driving includes all necessary elements to learn how to drive, from the beginning (initial driving training) to the end (advanced driving training).